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Full Version: Busicom 141pf
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just share with you some pictures of my Busicom 141pf, absolutely pristine and in full working order. This is porbably considered the most relevant calculator ever, as it started the Intel era. This calculator implements the well-known intel i4004, zebra. If you are not awared of this fabulous history, I recommend you to google about it.


Kind regards

Wow! That is in an amazing condition. Busicom was such an innovative force in the early calculator business and is responsible for a number of firsts.
Thank you Ignacio Smile

More information on the 141 PF

More information on Bisicom and the development of the Intel 4004 microprocessor.

Busicom and the first calculator-on-a-chip

The first pocket calculator (the Busicom LE 120a)
Yes, I have a nice collection of many Busicom relevant models.

You can find some of them at "Dentaku Museum" (japanese website devoted to vintage calculators, with huge amount of information).

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