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Full Version: Finally the rare (unobtainable) manual for Sharp EL-506P
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I have an EL-506P with original box. It came with a book Conquering the Sciences.

Back of it says "It is ideal for students, engineers, scientists, and business people. With this text as a guide, SHARP scientific calculators can take on the growing challenges of the 80's."

Topics in Physics:
A. Nuclear Energy
An electric power plant using nuclear fuel will produce 2000MW operating at 1/3 thermal efficiency. How much nuclear fuel is required for a year's operation?
(08-20-2021 03:59 AM)Mjim Wrote: [ -> ]That is very kind of you to do so; does the EL-506A come with the Sharp "Conquering the Sciences" mini-textbook? That one looks to be a real pain to scan (132 pages with text printed close to the middle).

I was out on vacation Smile and so a little bit busy. I'm waiting for my purchase from ebay: the EL-506A is in very good condition, in box and with the "Conquering the Sciences" manual. This books are very difficoult to scan. Like the "Conquering the Sciences" that i've for the EL-506p.

If you need for, i can try to scan without hesitation.

P.s. i'm so curious about the solver for the 2-var equation for the EL-506A. when it arrives, I'll try.
A year later this has helped yet another person, me! Thanks. -Tom
Thanks a jillion for this! I just did some micro soldering, and repaired the corroded traces of my EL-506A. Works perfectly again after all these years! I got it in college, in 1985
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