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Full Version: HP35 50th anniversary is nigh!
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To the best of my knowledge, the original HP 35 appeared in 1972. I used one (my Dad's - who was a mechanical engineer and must have convinced his employer that he "needed" one of the ASAP) when I went home from grad school at Christmas 1972 to do a lot of useful number-crunching on my thesis data. I quickly learned how to use the various registers for storage and arithmetic.

I bought one as soon as I could - cost me a month's+ grad student remuniration while still a grad student. As I recall, somebody at Caltech got a line on these at a discount of $100, so "only" $295 - a lot of folks signed up for one. I think HP was annoyed at the discount, but they stepped in and honored all the orders, at $295. (I think they were about to lower the price anyhow, but this had circumvented normal channels.) I still have that unit and it works just fine. But, an HP32 and HP35S have replaced it for everyday use.

It seems that HP has pretty much gone beyond RPN calculators, but I wonder if there is any love for some kind of a 50th anniversary recognition of the breakthrough that the original HP35 represents.
I highly doubt any coming initiative from HP toward the RPN/RPL heritage.
HP's calculator innovation interest is as dead as a Mummy.
couple of years ago I bout HP35S for my wife. (you have no idea how difficult it was to find a unit here in Bahrain.)

well, it disgust me to guts each time I hold the 35S in my hands.
such a plasticy toy. !!

seriously HP couldn't you honor one of the most important breakthroughs in hand-held computing history with a more descent product.

couldn't you even come up with a better plastic quality at least !!!!!!
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