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Full Version: Request for geezer mode RPN
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Yes, I know, but I have to ask again.

What about one more entry mode choice...

"Legacy RPN" for instance, that would make RPN mode act like the RPN on HP engineering calculators sold in the thousands to folks like myself.

It's free extra sales if you add this. Old engineers with now weak eyes would love to pick up a new back-lit RPN engineering calc....which is what the Prime could also be.

Math purists and others could simply....not choose this mode.


it could use an extra large font, since there is a known 4 stack level limit!

(12-20-2013 09:31 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]it could use an extra large font, since there is a known 4 stack level limit!
Now that, along with RPN, would probably make me buying one!

Sign me up. I'd buy one today!
I agree with above. For quick calculations in the field an extra large font would be really useful (all modes including RPN). Attached is what large font looks like now - seems that it could be made 50%+ larger and still have white space on left and show 4+ stack entries.


PS - back-lit or glow in the dark keys too
Oh, and don't forget, hi def shifted key colours!

Still, I love it, thanks Cyrille and Tim and etc...

Hello all,

isn't a (numeric) RPN stack programable in HPPL? With some organizing commands and some store places? I think the Prime has sufficient programabilities and memory.

I'd be satisfied if ...

in my hypothetical "Legacy RPN" mode only,

the lowest two levels of the stack acted like the old x and y levels with respect to two keys.....

x to the y

and the nth root key where it is assumed it's yth root of x.

This would still allow me to treat the Prime exactly the way I use my other older HP ENGINEERING calcs such as my various HP48's without making really stupid mistakes.

When I want to explore the world of mathematics and use CAS, I would change the entry mode, probably to textbook, and forgo using RPN.

I assume there may be some sort of flag system in the Prime but I've yet to search the PDF manual for it, and there is or will be a way to redefine keys.

If key definitions can be based on what entry mode the calc is in, I'll eventually do what I want myself but I don't understand why it's not just offered.

Free extra sales of the Prime....if "Mature" engineers can make it act like the calcs we're used too by a selection under our control.
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