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Full Version: HP-41s Calcs, accessories, and Books For sale
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I have the following that I am looking to sell:

HP-41C: Works. Fixed bad battery contact. Not the best fix, but it works. Includes Owner's Handbook, Programming Guide, and Soft Case. Modules: Quad Memory (SOLD), Circuits 1, X Functions (SOLD), and Home Mgmt (SOLD) - all with Manuals.

HP-41CV #1: Works. Includes Owner's Handbook - Basic operation, Operation in Detail, Operating Manual - A Guide for the Experienced User, and Soft Case. Modules: PPC Rom (SOLD) - Not sure which one.

HP-41CV #2: Does Not Work. Might have a bad screen as the "black" seems to have leaked to the bottom and left.

HP-41CX: Works. Includes Owner's Manual, Volume 1, Basic Operations, and Owner's Manual, Volume 2, Operation in Detail and Soft Case. Modules: Card Reader (not tested in 20+ years), Math 1, Stress, Games (SOLD) - all with manuals

1. Machine Design Pac Module (#15020)- in box. Module is in a sealed anti-static bag.
2. Standard Applications (#15001) - in box.
3. Wand - in package with owner's manual. SOLD
4. Printer - HP-82143A. Verified to work, feed mechanism does slip somewhat. Include 1 box of 6 rolls of black print thermal paper (HP-82175A).

1. "Calculator Tips & Routines for HP-41C/CV" by John Dearing
2. "Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C" by W. C. Wickes (SOLD)
3. "HP-41 Advanced Programming Tips" by Alan McCormack and Keith Jarett
4. "HP-41 Extended Functions Made Easy" by Keith Jarett
5. "HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy" by Keith Jarett
6. "Inside the HP-41, Unlock the Secrets of your HP-41" by Jean-Daniel Dodin - SOLD
7. "Extend your HP-41" by W. Mier-Jędrzejowicz
Update to the first post:

I am willing to sell the modules separate from the Calcs:
Quad Memory - SOLD
Circuits 1
X Functions - SOLD
Home Mgmt - SOLD
Card Reader (not tested in 20+ years)
Math 1
Games - SOLD
All have Manuals, except for the Quad Memory module. The Manuals are in excellent like new condition.

All of the Books listed are in excellent like new condition.

Photos available upon request.

Update to the second post:

Further information on the modules:
Quad Memory (SOLD) includes small folded card printed in 8 different languages. I guess this was the "manual"?
Circuits 1 - includes 2 keyboard overlays.
X Functions (SOLD) - large (8.5 x11) owner's manual, and includes Quick Reference Card.
Home Mgmt - SOLD
PPC Rom - (SOLD) I made a mistake here - No Manual.
Card Reader (not tested in 20+ years) - includes 2 booklets of 62 total cards. Most have programs. There appears to be 8 blank cards. Includes Quick Reference Card and Owner's Handbook.
Math 1 - includes Quick Reference Card and 2 keyboard overlays
Stress - includes 5 keyboard overlays.
Games (SOLD) - includes 4 keyboard overlays.

Additional Modules in boxes:
Machine design Pac - includes Manual.
Standard Application Pac - includes Manual.

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