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Full Version: Got a nice 200LX
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Recently I got a hp 200lx. Keyboard feel is very good. and contrast of display is quite horrible than hp 50g. Condition is nice. Hinge has no crack, vinegar syndrome was not happened.

Because I don't have any external storage like PCMCIA adapter, PCMCIA card, can it communicate with hp 50g using IR?
Hmm, I know it can communicate with a 48 via IR - I've used my 200LX to make backups of my 48 in the past. But it sounds like the 50g uses a different IR protocol and won't communicate directly with either the 48 or the 200LX.

In regards to the poor screen contrast, have you tried adjusting it? Hold the On key and press + or -. The contrast on my 200LX isn't too different from my 50g.
Then I must buy PCMCIA adapter or serial cable, thank you.

Screen contrast itself is not an issue. I think this 200LX's screen was repaired. It is highly reflective so it makes me hard to see screen.
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