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Full Version: Need some memory refresh on HP-71b and PILBox
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Hi folks,

I've had my HP-71b and PILBox stored away for a few years, and recently decided to buy the calculator stand available on eBay, so I dug it all out and got it all running again, anticipating the arrival of the stand today.

I have updated anaconda3 and pyILPER, and I've successfully attached my .dat files for Drive1 and Drive2. I copied over PILTERM.BAS and KEYBOARD.LEX and I have everything running on my MacBook Pro.

I used :MASSMEM to access Drive1 on pyILPER, but for the life of me, I am not remembering how to access DRIVE2. I tried :MASSMEM:2, but I get a "No Loop" error from the HP-IB. Remembering from my HP-86, I've been trying :D7xx and :D8xx, but those are not working, either.

I am currently digging up my PDF manuals, but have not come across the HP-IL Interface User's Manual, yet.

In the meantime, can anyone provide me a bit of memory refresh on how to access both DRIVE1 and DRIVE2 in pyILPER?

thanks very much, in advance!

Assuming the following loop configuration:
#1 82162A IL Thermal Printer
#2 82161A IL Cassette Drive
#3 9114B  IL Disquette Drive

Accessing using MASSMEM ...
CAT :MASSMEM(1)  // catalog 82161A IL Cassette Drive
CAT :MASSMEM(2)  // catalog 9114B  IL Disquette Drive

or using HP-IL address ...
CAT :2           // catalog 82161A IL Cassette Drive
CAT :3           // catalog 9114B  IL Disquette Drive

HP 82401A HP-IL Interface : Owner's Manual & Quick Reference Guide
Thanks a million, Sylvain!

All your assumptions are correct and all those suggestions work just fine.

Thanks for helping me scrape some of the rust off!

Well the calculator stand turned out to be a bust!

I saw them available on eBay, and finally went ahead and purchased one. As it turns out, I don't know if it's a knock-off of the one that someone here designed, but the spaces in the back to hold the PILBox were too small. Needless to say, that item is now on its way back to the Seller.

(07-06-2021 07:39 PM)smp Wrote: [ -> ]Well the calculator stand turned out to be a bust!
The original designer of the HP-71B+PIL-Box stand is Daniel Simpson, his 3D printed parts are available HERE.
I have bought several parts from him and they where all perfect.
I agree, I bought some of each type of stand Dan sells and they are all excellent; the PB fits perfectly, solid feeling, no warping, etc. Dan's a user of these products and a lot of thought and care go into their designs, and it really shows.

It appears the other one is a poor copy, made from a visual check of Dan's design, as how could the PB not fit if it were actually tested? No insult intended, but that's how it seems.
Thanks *very* much guys!
I'll head over there today and place my order.


I have placed my order. Now, I am even more excited to be getting the REAL thing. Hope it comes quickly!
Thanks again, guys, for leading me to the correct place.

It is on the way.
I confirm those stands are just fantastic !
I have the 71B & the 41-DM42 ones, and they fit perfectly their purpose.
A must have.
Thanks top the author.
(07-07-2021 10:31 PM)twoweims Wrote: [ -> ]It is on the way.

Thanks very much for your prompt attention and shipment!
By the USPS estimate, it will arrive here on Monday. Of course, my wife & I and our two adult kids are taking off for a four day camping trip on Sunday, so I'll have to wait a bit to give it a try. I will be sure to post back here when I've set it up, probably late next week.

(07-10-2021 05:46 PM)smp Wrote: [ -> ]... I will be sure to post back here when I've set it up, probably late next week.

I finally have been able to open my package and set up my new stand.

WOW! The attention to detail is excellent! The indentations for the HP-71b feet, the five little rubber feet on the bottom, and, of course, the perfect fit for the PILBox. Just excellent.

My only thought at this point is why in the world did I wait so long to purchase the terrific stand?

Thanks very much, Dan, for making this fantastic product!

Thank you for the glowing endorsement.
I prefer quality over speed and cheap materials.

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