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Full Version: HP-97 Paper Tear-Off Bar replacement
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Hi all,

I have just purchased an HP-97 that came without the transparent plastic paper tear off bar.
So I used the same trick that I used for the tear bar of my HP-85
(HP-85 paper tear off bar replacement described here)

Creating a replacement is very easy and cheap. You only need a plastic jewel case from a CD or DVD. You cut one piece from the top of the transparent cover and insert it in the slot, thus creating a new tear-off bar.

[Image: HP97-PaperTearOffBar-6038.jpg]
The part we want to use is the top right-hand one

[Image: HP97-PaperTearOffBar-6040.jpg]
The original HP part (top) with the replacement part (bottom)

[Image: HP97-PaperTearOffBar-6041.jpg]
The new part installed in my "new" HP-97

Finally, my jewel case had a small indent, which I filled away, you can see where that was in the last picture.
Older jewel cases do not have this indent.
The new tear off bar is much thinner than the original part. This has not been a problem with the longer HP-85 tear off bar replacement.
I guess HP over-engineered the part.

Congrats!! That turned out really nice and I am sure this will be of use to others.

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