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Full Version: Retail Packaging Says System Requirements Microsoft Windows 7 and above
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What gives!

The retail packaging for the HP Prime G2 says that Win 7 and above are required.

Why are the developers turning a blind eye to this.

I got my prime g2 in May 2021 -- the retail packaging does not say Windows 10 and above!
So the 20210609 32 bit connectivity kit installed fine on Win 8.1.

I had hopes for the 20210609 emulator too.
There were no errors indicated while installing.

The system displayed the attached message box image.

The text of the box:

Title: HPPrime.exe

Contents: HPPrime.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

Button: Close program
The software that came with it does indeed work on Windows 7, so the packaging is correct. It's only the latest version that needs Windows 8 or higher.

Nobody should be using Windows 7 anymore, because it is no longer supported by Microsoft and is a danger to the world if it's connected to the Internet. Windows 10 is a free upgrade (just use the "accessibility" loophole) so there is no excuse for not upgrading.
The prime g2 I purchased in May 2021 did not come with any software windows
or macintosh software.

I do not think that HP Prime G2 is supported by Microsoft or Apple.

By the labeling on the package I have a reasonable expection the the
downloadable software would be compatible with Windows 7 and above.

If there were any bugs that were detected and fixed with later versions
would be supported on Windows 7.

This is a quality of product issue.
According to Cyrille, they were surprised that the latest software didn't run on Windows 7. Unfortunately the tools they are using no longer support Win 7. It happens and no one is going backwards to support an OS that even Microsoft no longer supports. Heck Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 10 will happen in 2025 so we might be having a similar conversation about it in the not too distant future.

When the Prime G2 was introduced (2018) Windows-7 was still supported and still in reasonably wide use, so it made sense to include Win-7+ in the system requirements.

Neither Apple nor Microsoft have ever supported the Prime or any other product from another manufacturer, though I'm not sure what you meant, saying "I do not think that HP Prime G2 is supported by Microsoft or Apple."
You can still download version 2.1.14425 of the connectivity kit for Windows 7. That's not the latest, but neither is your version of Windows.
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