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Full Version: ATARI 400/800 RPN Calculator Simulator
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I recently stumbled across an eBay auction offering a floppy disk containing an RPN calculator simulator for the ATARI 400/800. It was written by John Crane in 1982 and apparently was published as part of the ATARI Program Exchange (APX) program. I googled a bit and found the following resources on the Internet which I list here just for the sake of documenting the history of RPN calculators and for anybody that is interested:

I have not yet listened to the Podcast nor tried the simulator, just thought it's maybe worth mentioning it here.
There was another calculator actually written by Atari themselves (specifically, by Carol Shaw) and released on diskette (CX8102) in 1981, although the program was written in 1979 and was originally intended to be released as a ROM cartridge.

More info and resources from the AtariWiki: Atari Calculator
Oh, man... Now I need to invent a time message portal so I can send the 1984 version of myself a message to look for these. In all seriousness I would have loved these programs back when my Atari 800XL was my primary computer and my HP-25 was my only HP.
I remember those. The Atari 400 or 800 was the first computer that was required by a college. At least that's what they said. Pretty decent for the time.
Thanks for the info.

Here is another url for the atari podcasts:


I still do some atari programming with the altirra and atari800 simulators.
I still have my Atari 400 somewhere. It hasn't been turned on in years and does not have the disk drive though (couldn't afford it back then), just the cassette.

Would have certainly purchased an RPN cartridge if it had been available!
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