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Full Version: HP Partsurfer WEB Site - Status?
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Since many years the partsurfer web site offers lists of HP spare parts.
Of course almost all parts related to obsolete calculator technology are marked "NO LONGER SUPPLIED", but some items do not carry this note. For example some service manuals.
Looking for the part number on the official HP sites of course yields "0 results".

I am wondering, whether this web directory is still updated by HP? Or is this just another annoying relic of the past?

And if so, how can one order such parts? Local HP dealers or support centers seem to be nonexistent today.

The HP Partsurfer site was long a source for individuals and businesses to find and order “spares” parts directly. If an item is shown to be available, it can be added to the shopping cart.

I see - of course most items are "N/A" not available in their "Add to Cart" column.

I was wondering why some parts are additionally marked "NO LONGER SUPPLIED" and others have no such remark in their Part Descrition column.
I guess the catalogue is simply not maintained, when it comes to older parts.

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