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Full Version: Pouch for HP Prime?
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Has anyone found any suitable pouch for the HP Prime, that might fit like the pouch for the 50g fits in its pouch?

I bring mines to work every day in a bag, but the other things in the bag are liable to rub against it, and although the cover is always on while in the bag, I still want the cover, and back of calc to look in good shape.

I looked ad a few larger mobile phone pouches on ebay/amazon but didn't find one big enough.
Until you find a suitable pouch there are pseudo-engineering solutions available.

a) A mailing envelope which is lined with bubble wraps.

b) A trip to the local dollar store: pencil box, felt, bubble wrap, etc.

c) Contact a friend or firm that can make a custom case for the calculator.

I saw this one on amazon it is $8 on sale now i dont have but does look nice

Search for
WYNGS Protective Case for Hewlett Packard HP Prime Graphing Calculator
Thanks for the replies guys. At this point, and obviously I should have before, I would like to make it known that I live in the UK.

On Ebay, this exists https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173025192067?...SwBRFaLRm3 - I would like to buy that, but not pay the postage.

The reply from Liamtoh was comical, but not helpful, as I already know that I could, for example, wrap the calculator in one of my t-shirts, you know, I understand the concept of padding :-).

Douggg's reccomendation of WYNGS Protective Case for Hewlett Packard HP Prime Graphing Calculator, seems to only exist in America too.

Do any of the UK users want to help out by giving an input on this matter?

Thanks for any help guys.
My favorite is a padded neoprene case by CO2CREA that fits perfectly, and isn't too big or bulky. It fits with, or without the sliding cover in place. (I prefer to have the extra protection, so the sliding cover stays on.)

I typically search for it on TAS with phrase:
"Travel Case for Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator by CO2CREA"
(...I think I pay anywhere from 8.50 to 9.00 dollars.)

I just saw your response post, and took a look at EB / UK.
Looks like they've got several listed as "neoprene calculator case"....including at least one that mentions the HP-Prime specifically.

(BTW, I've got a couple like you've listed, and neither fit the Prime with the sliding cover in place.
I've relegated them to protecting some HP-35s...which fit pretty nicely.)
Good luck.
what about a leather case originally made for an Nspire? I am using this one for some years now for my Prime. It works very well and is very durable ('edc-proof').


I use the cloth pouch that came with the HP 50g. Fits in there just fine. I leave the HP Prime hardcover attached on the back.
While schlepping around Walmart I found an Outdoor Products Essential Waist Pack.

It's a new millenium answer to the slip stick (slide rule) in a belt holster.

It's about the right size and will have to do until I get a proper pouch.

Laughs are welcome but no sixties adjectives please.

Ok, ok.

So I ordered the WYNGZ case suggested by Dougggg. It will arrive in about a week.
Slow delivery is ok.

I did not mean to be a wet blanket about the sixties adjectives.

I went to a star trek convention in 1975 at the old Americana hotel in NYC.
I grokked Spock.

Too late for the OP, but this is an excellent case for the Prime, well padded, can accept the Prime with/without the slide-on cover. I own a few of them, very nice.

The following is a url for the
Outdoor Products Essential Waist Pack
at walmart:


I field tested the waist pack filled with the prime g2 and a 3x5inch notepad.

I sat down at the local big box book reseller with my wife and relaxed with
some coffee and Mastermind and Samegame.

I wonder how it will work with the WYNGZ case.

The WYNGZ case for the prime arrived today.

The prime and the slip on cover fit inside the case.

Inside the case there are three velcro style strips in case
someone wants to use them. I can't image myself wanting
to do that.

The zipper case has a cloth-style liner.

The case was ordered from the ubiquitous amazon in the u.s.

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