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Full Version: BETA version no longer allows exponentiation of litsts
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It appears that exponentiation and logarithm functions no longer handle lists in the current BETA versions.

For example, being able to exponentiate lists is useful when generating a set of probabilities in a canonical probability distribution in statistical mechanics. There the probability of the occupancy of an energy state, E(i), is p(i) = e^(-E(i)/kT)/Z, where Z is the sum over all e^(-E(i)/kT).
Of course, there is a workaround using MAKELIST; but retaining the ability of functions to handle lists helps retain the readability of a program when it handles lists of data.

I tried to insert some images but my internet went down briefly while I was writing this post.
(Still having some intermittent internet connection problems, but here are some examples.)

For Version (2021 04 28) BETA
TAN(L1) gets {-2.19,2.19,-0.14,0.14}
TAN({L1}) gets {{-2.19,2.19,-0.14,0.14}}
e^L1 gets ERROR: Bad argument type
e^{L1} gets {{7.39,0.14,20.09,0.05}}
LN(L1) gets ERROR: Invalid input

For Version (2020 01 16) everything is the same except that
e^L1 gets {7.39,0.14,20.09,0.05}
which is consistent with how it works with other functions except the logarithm function.
I may have given the impression that logarithms don't work on lists in the BETA version. They do.
If L2 is {1,2,3,4}
LN(L2) is {0,0.69,1.10,1.39}

My apologies for three posts. I am working around some internet connection issues.
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