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Full Version: To get out of stuck SHIFT KEY hp prime emulator on Mac
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I just ran across this long standing bug again today and found my notes on how to fix it - thought I'd share.

After using the HP Virtual Prime for a while sometimes the Shift key in hp prime emulator on Mac is stuck down - visually its not apparent, but everything you do on the virtual prime is changed because the shift is 'internally' locked - this can be quite a distressing situation. E.g. If you are in the editor and trying to ESC out, the prime prompts if you want to clear all text instead! I've lost my work several times because of this, and been locked in the program editor with no way to get out.

Solution: hold the mac keyboard Command key down and then double click with the mouse on the HP Virtual Prime Shift key.
When emulator do get a stuck shift (how?), it might be too unstable to continue.
Instead of "releasing" shift, a better option may be close emulator, and start over.
The stuck shift problem happens regularly, on different Mac machines. After the ‘fix’ the emulator runs fine and is not unstable - till it happens again, which unfortunately won’t be too long.

If I’m regularly jumping in and out of the editor and testing a program, it probably happens every 10mins. Restarting the emulator will often lose my work (e.g. if the stuck shift happens inside the editor and I can’t get out with ESC to save) and has no benefit, as the problem just happens again anyway in the rebooted hp prime calc emulator.
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