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Full Version: Is it possible to increase the stack/heap size for native Python(not in CAS)?
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First, many thanks to HP calculator team for the great upgrade!
I've been working on the brand new native Python for a couple of days, tested same Mandelbrot code(almost) on both HP Prime G2 and TI Nspire CX II CAS, G2 is insanely faster(nearly 5 hundreds times)!

When I was trying to implement a Game Of Life, I defined an array of more than 320x240x2 elements, I got an error complaining it was over the size of stack.

I searched this forum and got a solution for CAS Python, like:

I tried in native Python, but unfortunately not working.

Could somebody figure me out how to resize the stack?

Thanks in advance!
There is a heap/stack settings if you do

Shift Plot
Thank you very much, Dougggg!
Shift+Plot means “Setup”, I can set either size of them, and can also check the size of available memory, so convenient!
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