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Full Version: Other problems with Software Version (6030)
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- Apps -> Help -> Keys -> COS -> Exampl -> 1 crashes the calculator and emulator - probably also with other keys
- sometimes crashes in CAS (needed reset)
- Positioning the cursor on solve and press the Help displays help for SOLVE() instead of solve().
- Missing an hourglass in the top right corner after pressing simplif when processing for a long time
I don't have Prime calculator. On the emulator I find some problems with digit grouping. If I choose decimal separator coma (,) not period (.) CAS functions does not work in home (in all entry modes), with decimal separator period CAS functions works. For example in algebraic entry mode, if in home settings digit grouping is 123 456,789, then "Toolbox" button, then CAS soft button, then 2Calculus, then 1Differentiate, then I write function '2*X', then Enter -> Error: Syntax Error. If in home settings digit grouping is 123 456.789, I get right result -> 2.
Problems continued:
- Not all commands are in the Catalog. For example, TIME ()
- Sometimes pressing the cursor moves by two items in the menu.
- Sometimes it restarts at Home. For example, it happened at M1 .* M2 for the matrix 100 to 100 (unrepeatable)
- The hourglass symbol in the upper right corner is not always displayed when it should. For example, when creating the user variable in the Home.
- The change matrix M1 into a vector in matrix editor also changes in the vector matrix M2 if you have previously saved M1 to M2.
Another problem
LINE_P (0,0,0,0); hangs calculator
solve({0.84 = (0.3606*cos(45)+0.3824*cos(x)+0.3912*cos(y)),0 = (0.3606*sin(45)+0.3824*sin(x)+0.3912*sin(y))},{x,y},{0..12,-100..0})


fsolve({0.84 = (0.3606*cos(45)+0.3824*cos(x)+0.3912*cos(y)),0 = (0.3606*sin(45)+0.3824*sin(x)+0.3912*sin(y))},{x,y},{0..12,-100..0})

restart the calculator and emulator in degree mode.

But this works properly:
fsolve([0.84 = (0.3606*cos(45)+0.3824*cos(x)+0.3912*cos(y)),0 = (0.3606*sin(45)+0.3824*sin(x)+0.3912*sin(y))],[x=6,y=-50])
nSolve({(x^2+y^2)=(3.5^2),(x/y)=(320/240)},{x,y}) restart the calculator and emulator in CAS

fsolve({(x^2+y^2)=(3.5^2),(x/y)=(320/240)},{x,y}) restart the calculator and emulator in CAS

First equation: (x^2+y^2)=(3.5^2)
Second equation: (x/y)=(320/240)
This seems to be the wrong format.

1) Where is your second equation?

2) The syntax is fsolve([x^2+y^2=..., second equation here], [x=..., y= ...]).

But perhaps I don't understand what you are trying to achieve.
Quote:1) Where is your second equation?

Second equation: (x/y)=(320/240)

Quote: 2) The syntax is fsolve([x^2+y^2=..., second equation here], [x=..., y= ...]).

My mistake.


works perfectly.
But it should not restart.
Another problem. Sometimes you can not perform certain operations on the units.

I just purchased the HP Prime, and although I am very pleased with the product overall (wonderful programming, and pinch/zoom on touchscreen is fantastic!), I have found numerous minor issues.

1) I could not graph trig functions upon initial usage. Once I typed the function name in lowercase, then I was able to graph it (whether uppercase, or built-in).
2) Piecewise. The template is not working for me. However, I can put the domain restriction in parenthesis, and this works. For example: (2x)(x <3) works, although it looks like I am trying to multiply (divide also works) these expressions out.

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