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Full Version: A couple of Free42 questions
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Hello All,
I'm a passionate hp42 fan and especially a real fun of the awesome Free42 software.
There are a couple of things it seems I can't figure out myself, so I try to ask here for help:

1) is there a way to get the code of a pressed key without stopping the calculator running?
Like GETKEY and GETKEY1 that doesn't stop (as GETKEYX can do on an HP41CX).
I developed some simple stopwatch utility functions but can't create a real application (like the stopwatch app in the 41 CX) because it should read commands while the stopwatch is continuously displayed with the program running.

2) is there a way to indirect define a custom key assignment? the ASSIGN command is programmable but hardcodes the program and the key; is there a way to get a similar effect to the PASN command of the 41CX?

Thank you very much for any help.
The answer to both of your questions is no.

This might be something I could address after Plus42 is done, later this year...
Thank you Thomas for your reply.
Looking forward for Plus42 and your future upgrades.
Thank you!
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