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Full Version: Loading Graphics to Prime
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Has something changed about the way that the Prime handles colours and transparency, since 2013?

I got Deeph's img2prime, and converted a .png file on PC, then pasted the output text into a DIMGROB. You can see the results here vs the results of just loading a .png file directly (the .png loaded directly looks like a chrome ball).

I have also tried loading graphics via Tim Wessman's generator, and the pixels that should have been were not transparent.

Deeph wrote the convertor in PureBasic. I also use PureBasic now and then, and may be able to amend it to work with current colours as the Prime handles them.

Any ideas?
The color space used to be 16 bit (5 bits per color) but was revised to use 32 bit colors (8 bit per color and alpha).

Some functions took 8 bit per color numbers, but then converted down to the 16 bit format in the graphics objects. As I recall, RGB did this taking three 8 bit numbers and converting to the 16 bit format.

I don't remember exactly when this happened, but I pretty sure it was after 2013. I remember having a few programs that depended on the 16 bit format that had to be fixed.
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