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Full Version: Python: another Mandelbrot
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For now I give up to work with Python in the PPL environment.

reboot ... reboot ... reboot That's what always happens when trying Python in the PPL environment. '*%$§

triggered by the nice work of Olivier's HP41 I tried to get to grips with this Python stuff. As mentioned earlier, this also is not meant as great program, rather than a playing field, on which I'll continue - bells and whistles anyone?

The attached file contains a directory named "Mandelbrot.hpappdir". Copy this file to the directory "contents" in the CK. Then within the CK "send it". After that you'll see an entry "Mandelbrot" in the application library. On your Prime go to Apps and touch "Mandelbrot". Look at the introductory screen and make your choice.

Input is a number.
The integer part determines the number of iterations (50 is a good start on the real Prime, Let you get impressed by using 1000 or more on the Virtual Prime, hmm depends on your Hardware.

The decimals are optional. No decimal given then defaults to "0", giving you 64 colors and a screen that fills from left to right. Look at the introductory screen or the source code for further explanations.

As I'm not all an experienced programmer, I tried my very best. But your comments and improvements are welcome for sure.

This is a work in progress and is hopefully allowed to stay here until there is something mature to put to the programs section.

Did I say already that it's fast? Yes that's really fast!

Not a good programmer you said ?
Many thanks, I learn with your code !
That runs very fast on my G1. Much faster than the Mandelbrot Plot I posted a week ago. Thanks for sharing it.

It seems better defined, even though it is slightly more zoomed out than mines is. So If the number of iterations is still 50, then yours results in much more defined lines.
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