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Full Version: This Weekend on Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog (5/22 - 5/24)
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May 22, 2021:
Retro Review: Sharp EL-5100

May 23, 2021:
Programs for the Sharp EL-5100
Numworks Update to Software Version 15.5
Swiss Micros DM42 Update, Free42 Update, Some Off Images for DM42 and DM41X

There have been a lot of firmware updates lately.

To be posted May 24, 2021:
Review: Canon DK-10i II Computer Keypad Calculator

Saturdays in June 2021: Casio fx-7000G Retro Month
Saturdays in July 2021 (7/10 - 7/31): HP 48G Retro Month

New posts on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes on Mondays.
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