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Full Version: Understanding Units
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I haven't bought the Prime yet but trying it out with the simulator and I don't seem to be able to understand how to use units. I read the manual but still at a loss.
I made some limited notes on it a while back, which say:


1_(m) Sto▸ _cm
entering n_ automatically adds the ()

Enter number, then Units key
Can’t use Ans
need to Copy/Paste answer from previous lines
select from dimension and chosen unit
touch Sto▸ on screen (or key)
press Units key
select to dimension and chosen unit

And see also the Units48 app if you like the HP48 way of doing units.
You know it's kind of me trying to find reasons to buy the Prime. So far it seems I would get lost instead. I have both the 48SX and GX and the 50G. I like the 48GX most but then the display is very low in contrast (the SX is even worst) so I ended up using the simulator all the time.
Yup, I know what you mean.

I think the Prime shines for graphics (especially interactive), and for algebraic symbolic maths. The stats tools are also excellent.

For regular calculator use, I much prefer an RPN or RPL model.
The attached files show two screens to convert six feet to meters.

The process is easier on my hp35s and hp33s.

Now I will have to figure out this problem on my hp50g.
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