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Full Version: Just another Mandelbrot Set plot.
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Here is a little Mandelbrot I wrote on the ZX Spectrum years ago, and just added a bit of colour so it looks better on the calc. It will save itself if you have the patience to let it finish.

EXPORT mand()
 LOCAL a,b,i,h,q,v,w;
 LOCAL x,y,t;
 FOR b FROM 0 TO 240 DO
  FOR a FROM 0 TO 320 DO
    IF (x*x+y*y)>4 THEN BREAK(1); END;
    IF q>=i THEN PIXON_P(a,b,0); BREAK(1); END;
   UNTIL 0;
Thanks for the program.

I've had the prime for just a week now and got your program into it
via hp connectivity kit.

I stall have my ts1000. It looks like it would be interesting to port it
to atari 800 emulator.

Thanks again.
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