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Full Version: Calculator restarting upon access via HP Connectivity Kit
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I was attempting to copy a program from A HP Prime 1, to here, to ask a question, and every time I get in to HP Connectivity Kit, and click the drop down arrow on my calculator, it restart the calc, causing it to disconnect, and when it reappears, this will happen again once I click on the calculators name to drop down the menu.

Any Ideas what might have caused that?

It worked fine last night, and I was able to connect, and copy and paste between the virtual calc and the real one.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I have reinstalled the software a few times. Older versions and this happens on my Windows 8.1 PC and Windows 10 PC.

(EDIT) I just ended up formatting C: and resetting via the F,C,O and (back of calc) reset button. Now it connects succesfully again.
This happened to me, and I had to reformat and rebuild my calculator too. The cause in my case was restoring from a pre beta 4/2021 backup into a beta firmware G1 prime.
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