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Full Version: A few more MicroPython book recommendations
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I've uploaded the first of these as it's a free book that's hard to get hold of these days. It's not directly about MicroPython but it's one of the best intro books I've come across. As well as the PDF, I've included a ZIP file that contains all the book examples in IPython format for use with Jupyter Notebooks. If you're unsure about IPython and Jupyter notebooks, head to anaconda.com and download the individual version of Anaconda.

A whirlwind Tour of Python

The second book recommendation is:

Think Python - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Both of the aforementioned books are thankfully short, and are recommended in this MicroPython book and the three of them work well together as a set:

Programming with MicroPython - Embedded Programming with Microcontrollers and Python

The last recommendation directly relates to numerical computing with Python. Much as it's written for the desktop version of Python, a reasonable amount of the content can be thought of as inspiration regarding the possibilities of MicroPython on the HP Prime. Thankfully Bernard has provided some of the functions from Numpy, SciPy and MatPlatLib for use with MicroPython on the Prime. Smile

Numerical Python Scientific Computing and Data Science Applications with Numpy, SciPy and Matplotlib
I know this book is geared towards Numworks, however a lot of the programs, especially the simple scripts can be adopted with the HP Prime:

Python for NumWorks
I wonder if we can make this a pinned thread, as the Help facility as not yet complete with the Python App; though Help covers a lot of commands.

Micropython 1.14 reference: some of lot of HP Prime's modules:
array (append, extend)


I'm still looking for linalg. Is linalg based off numpy?
Python App -> Cmds -> Select linalg (K) ?

I'm still looking for linalg. Is linalg based off numpy?

I was under the impression that you were looking for the Python App library, but now reading again I think you were looking for documentation on it. Misconception of mine.
Sorry for my comment!

Regards, Dirk
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