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Full Version: 2021 Wish list
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Wish list

Hello, some functions that can help improve the use of the calculator

A: Text search

I: [HELP] key, [Tree] [Search]
When you explore the search with [Next] and when you reach the end, put an inverse function [Previous] because many times you have to search again in more detail.

II: Remember the last text written in the TEXT / Search field

B: Pop-up menus, like pressing [Vars] and others, only close if a function [1 ... 9 ... A ...] is executed or the [Esc] key is pressed, I think just by pressing another key closes the current menu.

current: [Vars] [Esc] to jump to [Tools], fewer keystrokes, only [Vars] [Tools]

C: Simulator
I: Edit/Preferences/ always on top ✔
it is very useful to keep the application "always on top", especially when we use the simulator to teach when we have a document or presentation underneath.

II: Internally, the calculator handles data independently of Copy and Paste, add Edit (toolbar) Paste internal data.

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