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Full Version: Upper case(X) in CAS mode
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The Slope function was not working properly on CAS mode, it was giving 0 instead of -1.
1) When using CAS with SLOPE(2x(Sqr) – 9x,2) the result is 0
2) When using Home with SLOPE(2x(Sqr) – 9x,2) the result is Error: Syntax Error
After figuring out that the parameter (x) should be on the upper case(X), I decided to make this post.

Why does CAS mode allow me to enter the lower case and give me a not correct result?

From the User Guide:
Adding text.
The text you can enter directly is shown by the orange characters on the keys. Both uppercase and lowercase characters can be entered, and the method is exactly the opposite in CAS view than in Home view.

Can I make it the same in Home and CAS mode?
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