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Full Version: A couple of simple UX improvement requests
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Whilst these requests don't relate to Python, I think they would improve the overall calculator experience.

1.) Include a 'Rationals' category under the CAS catalogue, it's one of the things I miss most when moving between the Nspire and Prime when helping my kids with their Math. On the Nspire it's a sub-category under the 'Number' main category. The Nspire, sub-category contains the following functions - Proper Fraction, Get Numerator, Get Denominator, Common Denominator. These obviously all exist on the Prime, but the UX would be streamlined greatly if they had a home in the main CAS categories. Having to type out 'propfrac' manually becomes tiresome rather quickly (even with the 'Catlg' search mechanism).

2.) Include the 'quorem' function under the Polynomial>Algebra subcategory. This does polynomial division as a single function. The individual Quotient/Remainder functions already exist in that specific sub-category, so on that basis, the unified function seems a logical inclusion.
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