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Full Version: Key for stopping Python program (endless loop)
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Hi all,

I tested a very simple Python program, with input() and print() in a while 1==1 endless loop. Does any of you know with which key (or combinations) the program can be stopped and returns to the program editor.
Okay, I have now done it with a paperclip reset, pfff

ON+Symb will also do a reset of the calc..
Then if you go back to num, make sure that you do not let the program run by cancelling the "import and run" message box!

I will see if I can implement an "ON" detection that will raise a kbd exception

Hi Cyrille,

Thanks for your quick reply.
ON+SYMB gave a reset, after the reset my “stupid” program was immediately restarted.
An ON+another key would be perfect to terminate a program.

Press and hold backspace at boot time should avoid the program re-running at reboot.

For the next version, I have added an ON key detection system...

Cyrille, Thanks !!
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