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Full Version: Swiss Micros DM16L: Advanced Boolean and Factorial (up to 20)
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The program listing, for the Swiss Micros DM16L and Hewlett Packard HP 16C,  will assign the following functions to the labels:

A:  NAND:   nand(x, y) = not(x and y)
B:  NOR:   nor(x, y) =  not(x or y)
C:  XNOR:  xnor(x, y) = (not x and not y) or (x and y)
D:  Implication:  y → x = (not y) or x
E:  Factorial:  x!  (x is a positive integer up to 20, 64 word size

Programs are listed here: http://edspi31415.blogspot.com/2021/04/s...n-and.html
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