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Full Version: [split] HP-41CX - FC? Instruction - was HP 35S
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Sorry, i didn't mention that the problem is on my HP41CX.
How can i do it on there
FC? IND 37 is for my HP41CX
even when i try to use XEQ in front of it, is comes up with message Non-existent.
How do we enter program steps involving Alpha Characters for instructions that are not on the keyboard, like FC? or FC?C, to make it recognize that this is more than just an Alpha string
On the 41-series, you can always enter a function by stating its name using [XEQ].
I.e. [XEQ] [ALPHA] name [ALPHA].

But, remember that NO functions include a space in its name (but program labels can), so e.g. "FC?C IND 37" should be seen as three different entries, the function "FC?C", indirection (IND) and the argument (37).

So, execute [XEQ] [ALPHA] FC?C [ALPHA], then [SHIFT] for indirect, and 37 for the argument.

As said, you can have a LBL with space, but then it would be listed with [XEQ], i.e. not stand by itself:

001 LBL "FR 35"
010 XEQ "FR 35"
011 FC?C IND 35

Thank you Thomas!!!!!
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