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Full Version: element(Real1..Real2)
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In the calculator help and also the manual, it mentions a “real value” syntax for the element (“Point on”) function.

In particular

> element(0..5) creates a slider bar with a value of 2.5 initially.

Try as I might, after entering this example into geometry symbolic view I can’t get the bar to appear anywhere (plot view, I guess?). This is unlike the element(Object, Real) syntax, which works just fine.

Any thoughts on what I’m missing?
If you want your slider to be labeled GC (for example) copy this:

Instruction():=Instruction()+"GC:= element(0.,1.,0.5); // c(FF000000) v(1) a(t(1) s(3) p(1) b(0) e(1) S(0.1)) "

into the CAS command line and press enter.

Or you can do it from the plot view with Cmds/Plot/Slider (CMDS/6/9).

Or you can type this:


into the symbolic view.

I don't think element(0..5) works even though the help says it does.

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