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Full Version: HP-41, NoV-64 non-HEPAX software.
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Hi all,

I received the request of a non-HEPAX version of the NoV-64 software a while ago.

Finally I got the time to include the required mods both in the ClonixConfig utility and the NoV-64 code itself. A simple check box is used to remove the HEPAX from NoV-64 and a modified version (NoV-64-N.asm) code handles the 12 ROM pages now available in a Clonix-D like fashion.

This mods allow the user to keep access to the 12 ROM pages of the NoV-64, which is most convenient when dealing with the latest bankswitched products from our M-code guru: ÁM :-)

You can select either keep two separated ROM blocks (6 pages each) or join them as a single all-in-a-row12 page block, in the same way Clonix-D can do.

If you choose 2 separete blocks, you can use control word at h'4100 to swap between them as usual (see NoV-64 manual for details).

RAM selection has also been preserved in the control word at h'4100 the same way it worked for the NoV-64. Note that some ROM with RAM writing functions *must* be included in your configuration in order to write into RAM pages (e.g. ASSEMBLER 3, David-2C, etc.)

Some functionalities embedded into HEPAX functions as the RAM page write protection or the Crash Recovery Function*, have been unavoidably lost when removing the HEPAX code.

Download link here.

Still preliminary, please let me know of any issue you may find.

Hope you find this useful.

All the best from Caribbean.


* Crash Recovery Function is not part of the HEPAX code itself but it is intrinsically linked with the HEPAX auto-page allocation instruction (H'030) and cannot work without it.
That's great, Diego.

Does this version provide for the dual diagnostic configurations?

Hi Dave,

Dual diagnostic configuration is a stand-alone application that works on Clonix-D, Clonix-41d, and NoV-64d modules.

As long as your NoV-64 is of the "d" type you can use the ClonixConfig utility and program the double SM on it using the Clonix-D selection.

Once a Service Module ROM is plugged into the HP-41, it takes over the whole system, so there's no case in including RAM or other ROMs along with it.

The mods I've included in this upgrade can be used with any NoV-64 ("d" or not) and provide the tools to access RAM from ROMs other than the HEPAX (RAMBox, Assemblers, etc)

Hope this makes things a bit more clear.

Please let me know if you need further details.

Best wishes.

(06-18-2014 06:54 AM)Diego Diaz Wrote: [ -> ]As long as your NoV-64 is of the "d" type you can use the ClonixConfig utility and program the double SM on it using the Clonix-D selection.

Won't the DbSrvCnx.HEX file still be needed? It would be nice if this were a menu selection.

Hi Dave,

DbSrvCnx.HEX is only needed by Clonix-41d modules, (those in the 10th Anniversary bundle).

This upgrade refers only to the NoV-64 w/o HEPAX and does not have the mods to include Clonix-41d Double Service Module into the ClonixConfig utility.

Clonix-D and NoV-64d both can be configured to run Double Service Module by selecting "Clonix-D" and checking the "Service C/CX" radio button under "Special applications" frame.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, Diego!
Hi Michael,

Hope this fits your needs.

Please let me know otherwise.

Best wishes.

When I tried the non-HEPAX option in ClonixConfig.exe from the latest download from the clonix41.org site (http://www.clonix41.org/Projects/Updates...090315.zip) with Nov-64d I was greeted with a file not found message after 'Proceed'.

I had extracted the zip to C:\ClonixCD to be closest to root and conform to 8.3 DOS directory name format as advised so that was not the issue.

After finding this thread I tried adding Nov-64-N.asm file Diego provided in his post above to the ClonixCD directory and looks like it resolved the missing file problem but not sure this was the right thing to do/latest version of the missing file?

Or is there something from the latest distribution I didn't do properly?

Thanks in advance to Diego or anyone who knows!
Hi there,

Yes, the "NoV-64-N.asm" file is missing in the latest SW dsitribution (090315). My mistake.

Will be included in the next update. The above download link is suitable to get this file. No other versions exists.

Thanks for pointing it out. :-)

All the best from Caribbean.

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