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Full Version: Xcas version 1.7.x
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ENG Main new feature: integration of a Javascript interpreter.

FRN Principale nouveaute: integration d'un interpreteur Javascript. On peut maintenant programmer dans Xcas en Xcas, Python ou Javascript.

SPN Novedad principal: integración de un intérprete de Javascript.

2021 April, version 1.7.0-3

Some improvements for symbolic integration.
(05-01-2021 02:58 PM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]Last update 2021 April, stable version 1.7.0-3.

Will we see it for Prime, I wonder.
july 2021: 1.7.0-17

Eng: Polynomial system solving optimizations (rational univariate representation)

Frn: Optimisations dans les resolutions de systemes polynomiaux (représentation rationnelle univariée)

Spn: Optimizaciones de las resoluciones de sistemas polinomiales (representación racional univariable)

for win-OS 64 bits: cygwin & mingw https://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~par...ll_en#wcas
On the CASIO fx-CG50, in Xcas, how do I enter 3root(x)? I found inf for infinity in the calculus menu choice 7...
Thought to use “surd”...seems to work, but is there an easier way to do xroot(y)?
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