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Full Version: Update of ILPilbox to v1.4
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ILPilbox v1.4 is a performance update. The speed with the loop controller on the real HP-IL side remain stable, but the transfer speed with the controller on the Virtual HP-IL side (i.e. Emu71/Win) had been increased between 10%-50% to version 1.3. 10% were measured on a very fast multi core host system, whereas the 50% were measured on a slow host system with a P4/3.2GHz.

The update is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/hpil.htm.

The absolute speed depends on various factors like the performance of the host PC, the PIL-Box firmware, the devices attached on HP-IL bus, ...


ILPilbox with PIL-BOX CON

ILPilbox v1.3:    3.85 -> 448 bytes/s
ILPilbox v1.4:    3.16 -> 546 bytes/s

ILPer direct over COM-Port

xxx:2        2.61 -> 661 bytes/s
xxx TO :3    2.25 -> 722 bytes/s

ILPilbox v1.3 with PIL-BOX COFF

xxx:2        3.05 -> 565 bytes/s
xxx TO :3    2.61 -> 661 bytes/s

ILPilbox v1.4 with PIL-BOX COFF

xxx:2        2.93 -> 588 bytes/s
xxx TO :3    2.61 -> 661 bytes/s
I was just about to try a JPC ROM file to real 71B transfer. It should come in handy.

Thanks, Christoph.

(06-17-2014 09:07 PM)Christoph Giesselink Wrote: [ -> ]ILPilbox v1.4 is a performance update.

I just dropped it into my setup with multiple ILPer instances running on local PC and everything is OK. I have not done any performance testing, but all has worked perfectly.

Thanks Christoph!
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