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Full Version: Mixed plot modes
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I got an HP prime today, enjoying it so far. However I am still learning how to use it in my workflow, and I'm trying to figure out the "Prime" way to work.

Frequently I want to plot 2 or more datatypes. For example I have a bezier curve (which I can plot in Parametric app) and a rectangle (which I can plot in Geometry app). Everything works great separately, but how can I plot both together or find intersections? If there is a way to mix these objects I am missing it.

I suppose I could try to convert one to the opposite format, either by trying to find a parametric equation for rectangles, or getting the bezier curve into some supported Geometry type (polygon, I guess). I'm not really sure the steps to generate that table and move it to the other app, but maybe that's a plan.

I suppose I could program my own app that could just graph both. May be more of an upfront investment but could be worth it in the long run.

Wanted to check with veterans to see if there are other ways to do this.
Have you seen the plotparam() command yet? Here's a simple example:

plotparam(4*t^2+5*(-t+1)^2+i*(4*t^2+(-t+1)^2),t = (0 .. 1))

you get:


Some time ago I wrote a simple program to generate and draw Bezier curves.
You might possibly find it of some use to generate the points of a curve.
Note: This program is callable from HP Prime PPL... I don't know if that is useful from the Geometric or Parametric Plot apps.
Here's a cool app that demonstrates beizer curves:


The original app only worked on my calculator. Here:


is an app that (I think) will work on anyone's calculator.

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