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Full Version: 50G cant graph x^2
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if i want to graph something, i press LS+F1 but i get a error "No Current Equation". so i purge EQ and i can into plot screen. and press LS+F4 and type x^2 in EQ, then press ERASE DRAW i can graph a func.
but if i exit plot screen and go to LS+F1, ERASE DRAW doesn't graph a func. so i press ON+F3 for warmstart. then i get a variable EQ with value PTR D4B55.
if variable EQ with value PTR D4B55 stay in directory i cant get into plot screen. (LS+F1) get a error "No Current Equation"
i can graph Y30(x)=x^2 (in LS+F1 memu) i say i cant graph x^2 (without Y30(x))

can you explain this strange behavior of 50g? and do you know what is the PTR D4B55?
in my graphing directory, there are four 'x' variable with value -6.5. can 50g have mutiple variable with same name?[attachment=9177]
As far as I can tell, when I follow your instructions I don't see this problem. The "PTR D4B55" is the disassembly of a pointer to address D4B55, which could possibly represent a machine code routine or a system RPL routine.

I don't know what you have done for a such scary variables output.

Nevertheless: Try following:

1) press Hold down "white left" and press F1: You get the Window "PLOT - FUNCTION", that is a input window.
2) press ADD (F2), you get into equation-writer with "Y1(X) = "
3) press "X" and then "Y^x" and at least "2"
4) press the "ENTER" button. Now you see the result. You have defined a function Y1 with "x^2"
5) press "DRAW" (F6)
6) I hope you see what you are intended!
um.. I can graph now. I think I played with hpgcc yesterday, so my 50g can behave strangely. I returned previous backup and everything is ok.
Thank you for all your advice.
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