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Full Version: WP 43s What’s the deal?
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The WP 43s has been in this stalled pattern with a lot of people lining up to purchase one. From my POV, this seems to be a ln issue between the 43s team and SwissMicros company.

Anyone have any insight to what is delaying the software and hardware merging into an awesome device I can purchase and get my hands on?
Did you mean the WP 43S ?
Yes I did. Thank you. Post updated.
The software is nowhere near complete yet. There are builds available that you can install and run on a DM42 device or the emulator on a PC to see how much is completed to date. There are 2-3 programmers working on it, part-time of course, and they seem to consistently make progress, however it's a huge job. For example a recent post explained that there are still many functions to complete and the system s/w for programming is not yet implemented. Still, there is more than enough there to learn and use much of its (non-programmable) personality and features.

IIRC, the last estimate Walter posted was that the 43S was about 60-70% complete, but also keep in mind the last 10% always takes more than 10% of the time. If you are interested, install the s/w and explore it, reporting any bugs you find. This is probably the area the project needs the most help, at least from non-core team members.

Also, keep in mind that the awesome 34S also took many years to complete and refine.
Let me be more direct. There appears to be a rift between the 43s team and SM. Have you followed the Beta unit poll thread? I’m curious what the problem is.

My guess is SM won’t agree to produce the 43s on their hardware. Why? No idea. This is my assumption and could be wrong. SM could have legitimate reasons for this. I’m not pointing fingers, I would just like a little more information.
Followed from the beginning and closely, but don't let Walter's drama concern you. The s/w is not ready and until it is there is no deal to make. The 43s design exactly targets the SM platform, so it is highly unlikely, though not impossible, that it could be moved to an alternate platform, and doing so would add a huge amount of work and time, as the entire UI would need to be revised and perfected (this has taken years on the DM42). My take is the business arrangements really don't matter until there is something that is ready to produce.
Ok. That makes sense. I know I can install it on my DM42, and have thought about it, but I want a properly labeled keypad.

I never know what to make of Walter. Thanks for the info.

Any guess on what is coming in May? Please say a DM48. ;-)
(03-06-2021 02:14 PM)DM48 Wrote: [ -> ]Any guess on what is coming in May? Please say a DM48. ;-)

Nope. Yours is just wishful thinking. :D :D :D
(03-06-2021 01:46 PM)rprosperi Wrote: [ -> ]keep in mind the last 10% always takes more than 10% of the time.

90/90 rule.
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