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Full Version: Interesting Find!
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Russian Mortar range finder calculator
(02-24-2021 03:27 PM)Leviset Wrote: [ -> ]Russian Mortar range finder calculator

Nice! Smile

Speaking of Russian calcs, many years ago I went to an estate sale where they were selling a lot of mint Soviet RPN calculators. Unfortunately, I got there late : Someone who was buying up all the vintage calculators in my area and selling them on the Bay got there first at about 6:30 AM or so and I got there at 8 AM Sad Would have really liked to have had all those Soviet RPNs.


The November-1978 (nÂș 318) edition of Army Journal, a periodical review of military literature, presents an the article A Calculator for the Mortar Fire Controller's Pocket by Lieutenant Wayne Fitzherbert {Australian Army Reserve}, pages 18 -29, and features an attendant, fully documented program for the HP-65. The link I have is no longer current, article posted in appropriate forum.

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