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Full Version: Is it possible to find an App for the IPhone? Does it exist?
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Partly because of the loss of the Android HP Prime app on Android, I might migrate to an Apple iPhone.
I am unfamiliar with Apple, but I gather their equivalent of Google Play might be Apple ITunes.

A quick dive into Apple ITunes and selecting IPhone gave a screen trying to lure me into buying an IPhone, rather than an expected list of apps and a search button. (I'm accessing it from Google Chrome, as the IPhone arrived without SIM or USB power).

I'll keep hunting, but perhaps someone can confirm:
Can you look for apps before buying an IPhone?
Is ITunes the place to look? (the blurb mentioned tunes and podcasts, not apps).
And does the HP Prime App still exist there?
No, the place to look for apps is the app store. iTunes is no longer used to sync iPhones.

Sorry, I might have mispoke. iTunes is what you use for syncing an iPhone on a PC.

This might help
(02-24-2021 03:16 PM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote: [ -> ]Can you look for apps before buying an IPhone?

Yes, and the link provided by KeithB in his first post is the right one: https://www.apple.com/app-store/

You can search for apps by name there.
Thanks all.

I can now confirm that the HP Prime Pro app is still in the iPhone app store (though I have yet to download it).
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