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Full Version: Amazing 2225B Battery
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Just received a spare 2225B battery (82199A) bought off eBay. Surprisingly the original cells measured 4V. After 10 minutes on the charger the pack measures 8.2V (no load).

Amazing that these cells have lasted this long.
Interesting. Is there any kind of date code on the pack?

I wonder how long HP made these battery Packs? We know they still make the ink, and I'm sure a not insignificant portion of the ThinkJets still running are the battery-operated type, so what do they assume folks are doing, manually replacing the battery cells???

Maybe this apparent dichotomy has to do with the cost margin of ink vs. outsourced battery packs?? Maybe...
(02-20-2021 05:20 PM)rprosperi Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting. Is there any kind of date code on the pack?

No visible date code on the pack, cells, nor box.
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