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Full Version: wand utilities/creating files in extended memory
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Does anyone on the forum know of utilities to create or manipulate files in Extended Memory?

Hi Todd,

It would help to have an example of what you are trying to accomplish.
Restore a number of data/alpha XM files so barcodes can provide paper backup of programs which make extensive use of data in XM. Clumsy strategy at present is to create freestanding programs which write out files and restore, execute and delete those freestanding programs.
That is clear, I don't know of any way to scan barcode information directly to extended memory. As you mentioned a program is necessary as a go between.
The initial HP-41 peripherals was the wand (read-only), the thermal printer (write-only) and the card reader (read/write).
The Extended-Function/Memory module came several years after, so it is normal that the wand did not support it.
The solution would have been to either: release a new Wand version, add wand functions in XF/M module or release a standalone wand/XM bridge module.
Instead they released at the same time: Time, XF/M, XM, HP-IL and Digital Cassette Drive, so I assume that HP thought it was the new way to go for data intensive programs.
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