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Full Version: Found a HP 11C
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Found a HP11C at my local thrift store for literally a steal. I guess it was so cheap because they couldn't turn it on. I pulled out some National brand (Panasonic) batteries out of it and it turned on and the self test passed.

My two HP-11C

I sure love my Grandfather's 11C, but I can't bear to bring it with me to work in case I lose it or break it. I am happy I found another 11C I can use, but I'll still be very careful with it.

I am curious why the back panel have different markings?
Nice find!

(01-30-2021 11:34 PM)Cadha13 Wrote: [ -> ]I am curious why the back panel have different markings?

The latter unit has markings related to regulatory electromagnetic compatibility: US FCC Class B and German VDE 871-B radiated limits compliance..
These markings appeared on the Voyagers back label sometime in 1985, from what I've seen so far the front logo changed from metal to plastic around the same time.
I got the 1982 HP-11C and just noticed that the logo is metal.

The 11C is a nice programmable scientific calculator.

I play around with it and enjoy using it anytime.

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