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Full Version: Anyone have PDF of TI's "The sourcebook of programmable calculators" ?
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This is the big book TI came out with for the TI-58/58C/59 that had applications for all sorts of problems.

I freely admit to being surprised this was not already scanned at rskey.org.

Does anyone have an existing PDF that we can get online or does anyone have a copy they could scan?

It's worth making available to the community.
If not available in electronic format, it is currently available in physical format on AbeBooks.
I have a copy, and I'd like to scan it, but the print goes awfully deep into the crease, and I'm not sure I could get good results trying to smash it flat on my scanner. I might have to try a few pages and see how it turns out.
Amazon also has it (and less than Abe Books):


Dave, is your copy Hardback or paperback?

If paperback, you can go to Staples and get the spline sliced off,
scan it, and then go back to Staples and get it punched and
wire spiral bound. It'll be a lot easier to use.

Smithville, NJ
Available for perusal at Sourcebook for Programmable Calculators @ archive.org.

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