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Full Version: HP 48GX: How to edit existing equation in Equation Writer
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Is it possible to edit an existing equation in Equation Writer (EW)? I am using both droid48 and emu48, and I get the same behaviour with both.

I can easily create an equation (or expression) using EW. Once I have put the equation on the stack, however, I can't figure out how to resume editing it in EW.

If position 1 on the stack has an equation, if I press <down arrow>, the equation is shown "full screen". At this point, pressing the arrow keys or, e.g., the <+> key has no effect. If I press <ON>, the right-most element of the equation is highlighted, and the menu bar changes to RULES, ... I believe this is called Selection Mode.

At this point, pressing <+> has no result (except a beep).

So, from this state, is it possible to resume editing? Or is there another way to get into editing the equation, using EW?


- richard
When you are in Selection Mode (after having pressed [ON]) you have to press the {EXIT} menu key on the far right to go into Edit Mode again.

N.B. You specifically asked about the HP-48GX, but it might be of interest to know that, in order to fix a bug in the Equation Writer, this behavior was changed in ROM revision J, which was the last version of the HP-48S/SX. In previous S/SX versions (A, B, C, D, and E), pressing [DownArrow] with a symbolic object on stack level 1 launched the Equation Writer directly in Edit Mode.
Thanks, Giuseppe - I don't know how I missed that!
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