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Full Version: Help me w/freedback on RPN Calc? (Free) new iOS App
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Dear RPN/HP fans:

Would you help me out with some feedback on two special features my RPN calculator App?

(yes its free, in app purchases for add-ons only: OCR scanner and Periodic Table):
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/ch/app/fr-shtouch...04478?l=en

I love the speed of my HP48G, and had the idea to combine RPN with some features that need a touchscreen:
**1:** buttons flick up and down for 2nd/3rd functions
**2:** buttons slide left/right > allows choosing operands freely from stack

If you have some time to play around with these features, could you give some feedback what you like? and maybe what you would like to see? definitely open for suggestions.


PS: old threads on this topic, calculator was previously $1.99:

[Image: 50805348768_272c5c0bdb_b.jpg]

[Image: 50166826648_29cbf13073_h.jpg]
Hello Mike,

great effort of yours and thank you for giving it to us for free. I played a litte with it just now on my iPhone (8) and have already come to like your flick&pick interface.

My initial observations are the following ones:

Bug (just one :-) ):
- Factorial of x>20 returns 0

Matters of taste:
- I belong to the fraction who prefers the arithemtic keys on the left side of the number keys. But I guess it would be too much of an effort to make that a user preference (swap the columns of keys between left and right).
- A backstep (or undo) function would be nice.
- A kind of "peek" function for the memory contents to see what's there without copying it to the stack. As it is now, tapping on the memory buttons always copies the contents to the stack.
- The keycklick, even at the low setting, is too loud. It would be even nicer if the tactile feedback ("haptic feedback" Apple calls it) option of iOs could be used instead of the keyclick.
- And then, again a very personal taste, I prefer colour over shades of grey. A colour scheme like on a classic HP calculator would make that calculator more appealing to me.
- And another very personal thing is that I find the "blackboard"like background quite distracting. Especially those Xs and Ys in the the X and Y registers of the stack get in the way of the values. I would very much prefer a black or dark grey background.

Keep on the good work!

Dear Max,

Many thanks for the comprehensive and valuable feedback - very much appreciated!

couple of replies:

x > 20:
Haha yes the factorial.. i totally forgot about it, dont use it much myself Wink Currently its limited because the calculator works with standard doubles (64bits) and doing larger factorials kicks it over that limit. same issue with the P(x,y) anc C(x,y) functions which of course use factorials on the back end.

key layout:
that's acually an easy one. ill consider adding a alternate layout option in settings.

already on the "todo" list for awhile. this will happen for sure.

memory "peek":
yes, great point. ill add this for sure.

key click volume:
understood, ill adjust volume.
haptics: i spent a long time trying things. the haptic feedback was, in my opinion, simply too slow. it is implemented and i think works fine for flick and pick - but for simple presses, it feels very unnatural. no matter what trick i used, i was not able to get it to feel natural and i think its because of a minute delay. same with audio, but its less bad..

ok thanks for feedback. i do plan on more options in settings. probably will get rod of X/Y.

once again thanks very much for the quality feedback, it's invaluable!

..made a quick update this morning with the click volume, also added country flags to the restaurant tips thumbwheel.in review by apple, should roll out in a day or two.
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