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Full Version: New HP 48 stack display with switchable font sizes
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Hello all,

some time ago there was a thread in the Not quite, but related Subforum dealing with RPL simulation on iOS.
As the thread developed, an idea developed on my side;-)

No, this is not another flavour of my SpeedUI, however at some point in the future it may be.
Instead it's only an independent stack display which features different font sizes.

I have an iPhone SE 1G, which I like very much because of its size and weight.
One drawback is the relatively small display. For most things it is sufficient,
but there are apps (like m48+) where the output may be too small for older eyes.

So I developed a small program which offers display fonts of increased size,
beginning from 11 pixels high and 8 pixels wide to 15 pixels high and 8 pixels wide.

The program can be downloaded HERE

Be sure to read the ReadMe.

Here are some pics which show the "problem" and a possible solution.
On the left is the normal display, and on the right is the 15 high font in the simplified m48 mode:

[Image: sem48p1.jpg][Image: sem48p7.jpg]

Here are the different font sizes in increasing size order:
[Image: sem48p2.jpg][Image: sem48p3.jpg][Image: sem48p4.jpg][Image: sem48p5.jpg][Image: sem48p6.jpg]

Have fun:-)
Converting these sources to the NEWRL project is a great contribution.

Excellent, if only the font could apply to the command line too...
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