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Full Version: Hoppi 2.1 Available
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Hi All,

For those who don't know, Hoppi is an application for the Apple Mac to allow communication with HP48/49/50-series calculators using the Kermit file transfer protocol. It supports both USB and RS232 calculator ports.

This is version 2 of Hoppi, representing a complete rewrite of the application into the Swift programming language and using the Xcode development environment.

The latest release, version 2.1, adds a feature I call the Transfer Pad which is a window that allows RPL code to be pasted into it and from there transferred to the calculator stack, no intermediate files necessary. It also goes the other way, from the calculator stack to the window. This is handy for quickly trying out things you might find in this forum, for example. See documentation for details (requires the HOPPI RPL library).

Currently Hoppi requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. This includes Big Sur and, with a bit of luck, should also run natively on Apple Silicon -- though I don't have that sort of hardware yet so can't test it.

@JDW I tried to build it for older versions of macOS but there is an issue with me using a Cocoa method that is apparently not available before Catalina. Need to look deeper into this when I have the time.

If I don't get any major bug reports for this release then I'll package it up along with some older releases for older Macs, and send it to hpcalc.org to replace the out-of-date version there.

You can get Hoppi from http://cloudycat.com by following the links.

thanks very much indeed, Paul.

I'll find some time to test it out asap.
Hi All,

Hoppi v2.1.1 is now available, it fixes a bug with GROB parsing.

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