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Full Version: monic part 4: arbitrary-precision rational arithmetic
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I've added addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of extended-precision rational numbers. I've also added quotient & remainder, GCD, LCM and exponentiation.
I've added factorial for extended-precision integers. Below shows 10,000! (35,660 digits):

[Image: 52601576295_412bf18307.jpg][Image: 52601413314_ce3e5a9ab1.jpg]

The result can be viewed in blocks of 240 digits, read right to left and downwards, with the first page showing the least significant digit ("digit 0") in the top right-hand corner:

[Image: 52601667448_8470bf2471.jpg][Image: 52601411529_a7622c25c2.jpg]

Performance is not bad, with 10,000! taking about 52 seconds (I used one of the processor's timers) :

[Image: 52601148076_ceefb9be28.jpg]
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