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Full Version: ANDROID HP PRIME Broken without Internet
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The Android version used to work with no network, but now it errors and fails.
WHY??? What changed, and will it be fixed?
It only works if you have mobile data.

Note: Media reports have also mentioned Vacuum cleaners and Ring doorbells as failing when the Internet failed in recent weeks.
Confirmed. Crashes if flight mode enabled on my Samsung S10
On my Motorola One Vision with flight mode enabled:


After tapping on OK HP Prime works without problems. Strange...
Android 8.0.0: Usually crashes back to Android's screen, but occasionally a No Network message is seen. Pressing OK doesn't help. (Test: deselect Mobile Data pulldown).
App Version: (2019 11 21)

Android 5.0.2 : Works when No Data selected.
App version: 2.1.14181 (2018 10 16)
Works like a charm in airplane mode on my phone. Android 10, Prime Pro version
The App is back in the Play store, and for me at least it now works offline again.
(perhaps it is doing the update that fixes it, rather than a specific bug fix, but it now works offline)
Installing the new version fixed this for a while, but it has now been observed again.
I tested this in Android 12 and it will throw a message that it can not find network but then continue as normal.
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