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Full Version: Purge All variables of Eq Lib (HP50)
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Is there a way to delete (purge) all variables generated from Equation Library?

I used
It works fine.

However it also deleted a program called A.

I have more than 50 variables in my HOME DIR.

Is there a way to purge them easily and without delete my own programs?
Long answer: The Equation Library has a built-in utility for this. After you select a subject and title, press the [VARS] soft key (not the VAR key) to see a list of the variables and their meaning. Press [NXT] and see the soft key [PURG]. When that soft menu key is pressed, All the variables used in the current equation are purged from the current directory.

Short answer: [VARS] [NXT] [PURG].

Alternate method: When you press the [VAR] key (below the [APPS] key), your vars are listed in chronological order, newest first. So just press [VAR] then an open list bracket { and then the menu keys to type their names into the list. Stop when you reach your programs, because you'll recognize their names, if you gave them good names. Then press ENTER and PURGE the list.
Hello Joe!

I also create a dir named VRS, I accesss it and run equation Library when I am inside it.

So, vars generated for Equation Library are stored inside the dir VRS.

When current dir is VRS, I can type
VARS and it generate a complete list of vars inside dir VRS.
After I type PURGE.

See steps below:

For Cantilever Deflection

1 - Enter dir VRS
2- Type
It wil generate a list of all vars

{L E I a P c M w X}


{L E I a P c M w X} PURGE <ENTER>

This clean all vars above.
How it is inside dir VRS
my programs stored in dir HOME will not be deleted:-)

Tip is to run Equation Library from inside VRS dir.

Kind regards,

(11-24-2020 10:13 AM)CMarangon Wrote: [ -> ]I also create a dir named VRS, I accesss it and run equation Library when I am inside it.

Having a TEMP dir for EQL o MSOL was my way on the 48SX, you keep things simple and tidy this way.

Like any other computer it is a good practice to keep a folders structure that is simple and easy follow (by subjects for example) to avoid messy file mixing.
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